Anju Moriya

2020 Mitou Junior Outstanding Performance Award
24th Japan Media Arts Festival Under 18 Award

Born in Tokyo

I was born and raised surrounded by buildings in Tokyo, but I just felt like I didn’t belong here in the concrete jungle,
and decided to go study in a school middle of wilderness.
I decided to go to a dormitory school in Hokkaido.
However, I noticed that coming back to Tokyo for break gives plenty of ideas for my work.
I’m starting to wonder if I should anchor my workstation in Tokyo.

VR + Fitness + Art

In 2020, ICT increased in importance due to the pandemic.
As almost every schools and to offices closes and families quarantine,
many opportunity for daily exercises has been lost.

I was always concerned that IT and technology will encourage people to exercise less,
that it will cause bad effects on our bodies.
I was always looking for a solution where these two factors can cooperate with each other,
by developing fitness-related projects.

I also realized that this lockdown caused more people to reform and decorate their houses,
as well as listening to music and watch videos.

What this closed, confined world needs now, is ART.

Flight Fit VR

My project “Flight Fit VR” has been released on the Oculus Store!